My purpose…

Life inside my head is so much louder than anyone would imagine. A huge gap exists between what I think and what I actually express. Thus my desire to start this space. And it really isn’t for anyone but myself. What I’ve learned though is that often reading others thoughts can help one to be able to better identify and make sense of your own. So, if you choose to read, I make no promises. This isn’t a parenting blog, a teacher blog, a marriage blog, a fitness or food blog, or a mommy blog. It’s likely to be a random sampling of all of that, sometimes not even properly titled or tagged. Like I said, it’s not for you. It’s for me – a place to get my thoughts out. If you enjoy it or benefit from it is purely bonus.

Since I’ve spent the summer on “maternity leave” with peanut, my overtired, overly caffeinated brain has been on hyperdrive. Call it hormones…call it lack of adult interaction…whatever it is has prompted me to get to this point. I’ve wanted to share my joys – albeit insignificant to others. I’ve wanted to complain about a lot – despite not wanting to sound whiney or ungrateful for my many blessings. I’ve wanted to share my journey with weight loss (AGAIN), without annoying people with food pictures, exercise updates, or stress when I fail and don’t post about it. Most of all I don’t want to be one of those people who only post the happy and the humorous. Don’t get me wrong, this summer has been happy and humorous, but it’s also been frustrating, tiring, full of guess work, spit up, crying, tantrums, and extreme paradoxes. I want a space to let it all out without watching for likes and comments and being annoyed when people offer suggestions to solve my “problem” when all I want to do is have a voice. I’ve found the limitation of Facebook and just wanted a new space to explore and express who I am.

With any luck, this space will be a place of self expression for me – without judgment, and may even encourage others that identify with my journey. If you choose to read, please keep my purpose in mind. This is not a place where I am looking for people to solve my problems or judge my thoughts, emotions, frustrations etc. No one will force you to type in the web address and read. If you don’t like what’s here, move on. This is a no judgment zone. I am learning to accept me for who I am and ask that others attempt to do the same.


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