Whole30 Week 1 Thoughts

Last Sunday I launched into 30 days of the Whole30 “diet.” I hesitate to say diet because it really isn’t. It’s not REALLY about weight loss, although that is 100% why I’m trying it. Without having read all the books (or any really) and only getting the nuts and bolts of the program, Whole30 attempts to detox your body from the crap we eat – chemicals, and the foods which seem to cause our bodies the most trouble. So you cut out – sugar, dairy, grains, peanuts/legumes, and alcohol. It is much like paleo, but a little more strict – no artificial sweeteners and the biggest difference – no making noncompliant foods with compliant ingredients.

For example –

Pancakes – not compliant (grain) – don’t make it with eggs and banana- paleo pancake. No making cauliflower pizza crusts, almond flour tortillas, muffins, brownies etc. These foods can be made with compliant ingredients, but its tricking your brain…They call it SWYPO – Sex with your pants on – and the long and short of it is…WHY would you eat those knowing what the real deal tastes like – just like why would you have SWYPO when you…well…you get it.

BUT…it’s just for 30 days. After that you go through a reintroduction phase, where you reintroduce a food group at a time and see how your body reacts – no reaction? keep the food in your diet. All of a sudden your headaches come back? Stomach issues etc? Eliminate the food!

It’s really meant to teach you about your body and be a way to regain your health while developing a healthy relationship with food.

So…I’m 8 days in and here are my thoughts…

-Coffee – It isn’t the same without cream and sugar, but it’s been 8 days since I’ve had it that way. I’ve tried it with almond milk – YUCK. I’ve used coconut milk (from a can) – pretty good. I’ve used flavored nut pods (almond/coconut milk) pretty good although not at all cost effective.

– Meals – In order to not snack (one of the highly suggested rules) I need to eat bigger meals, sometimes adding in more fat and protein. BUT I’ve also learned that part of my snacking between meals habit is mental. I just LIKE to eat. I’ve had a few ravenous moments, a few I’d like a snack moments, and a few hey I can make it to my next meal without eating anything moments. Being properly hydrated helps.

-Cooking – I have to do A LOT of it and I make A LOT of dishes. I spend more at the grocery store, but I’m also not eating out at all so saving money I guess. Meal prepping is key. Doubling recipes is important. Making small changes to meals we already eat works perfectly fine. I need to invest in some more tupperware containers because my mid week they are all either holding prepped food, leftovers, or they are DIRTY. Bonus – I get to cook with oils and “butter” – It’s actually Ghee which is clarified butter -where all the dairy components are cooked out. Homemade ranch dressing and mayo are AMAZING – even though making it with a raw egg definitely creeped me out at first. I don’t have to weigh or really portion things…yes there is some portion control to this way of eating but it is SO simple. People have been pleasantly surprised at how “normal” my food is.

-Shopping – grocery shopping took a bit of time in the beginning. Finding compliant foods isn’t always easy – yes veggies, fruits, meats -not really tricky, but its amazing how many items we eat that people sneak crap into – There is sugar in virtually EVERYTHING – like organic pasta sauce spice mix…seriously? UGH! Many of my spice mixes had to go! Finding prepared products without sneaky sugars, vegetable oils, soy, corn, or carrageenan is insane – especially in a small town without a whole foods, trader joes, aldi etc etc. My phone is getting used to me googling is ???? whole30 compliant. I’m learning to read labels for a whole other reason than calories or fat….ingredients!

But the question is…is it worth it? So far…YES! You are not suppose to step on the scale for 30 days, but we all know I’m addicted to that thing…so I can say that I’m 5.5 pounds down… I FINALLY see the scale moving (and that was a week without ANY exercise!) My goal is to add exercise back in this week a few times and see what happens. I was prepared for this week to be miserable (many people complain of headaches, lethargy, crankiness, nausea, and more….) but I really didn’t have anything more than some headaches by the end of day 1. Have I wanted chocolate…YEP…pizza…YEP…soda…sure (on friday) but if I see the scale moving and feel good then I’m not caving!  I’m sleeping MUCH better too. There are a whole host of NSVs (non scale victories) that this program boasts for many people so I’m keeping tabs on other developments too.

So…Whole 30 – 8 days down…22 more to go…for Round 1 – I can definitely see myself completing more than 1 round and making many of these changes become life changes!

I certainly have eaten well this week…here are links to a few of my favorite recipes from the week…

Egg Roll in a Bowl  (Sub coconut aminos in place of soy sauce)

One Pan Lemon Chicken SO good…made the brussel sprouts delicious and little burnt edges were amazing!! Huge props to not only eating chicken breasts anymore!

Ranch Dressing DELISH and Simple! Good on EVERYTHING!

Meatballs and Sauce

Baked Buffalo Wings Husband Approved – said they were better than restaurant wings!

Sweet Potato Apple Hash This was great and I ate it for 6 days straight…got old though!

Mayo So good and enjoyed using this is in the buffalo chicken dip and tuna salad which gave me 2 quick and simple lunches this week!

Balsamic Pot Roast Definitely a make again sunday dinner!

Cauliflower Fried Rice

Buffalo Chicken Dip



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