Whole30…I did it.

I’m truly amazed that I actually stuck to this program. Once I got going, it really was not as intimidating as I felt it would be in the beginning. It drives me crazy when people say how they could never because of x,y,or z but yet want the results…it’s SO worth it! Does it take planning? YES – but so does just about any program. Do you have to cook? Heck yeah…I know that isn’t everyone’s piece of cake – and for those that can eat convenience foods and stay fit – GO GIRL…its not working for me!  Did I miss out on some things? Yep…but the results were worth it. So here goes…30 days of Whole30 Run Down…

  1. I gave up SUGAR, dairy, legumes, grains, alcohol, tons of chemicals, soy, etc but I gained so much more.
  2. I slept SO much better – like – fell asleep right away (which is ODD for me) and woke up on time for work without tossing or turning at night!
  3. My under eye dark circles almost completely went away!
  4. My skin improved.
  5. My pants are loose, I needed to size down in my favorite dress style.
  6. I learned that I LIKE to eat and often I ate because I wanted to, not because I needed to.
  7. I snacked a lot more in the beginning than in the end – (See #6)  There were days I actually ate 3 meals a day and nothing else…WOAH!
  8. Coffee without cream and sugar is still good…as long as you have good coffee…Trader Joe’s French Roast is my BFF.
  9. BACON
  10. Sugar is in virtually EVERYTHING! WHY??!?!?!
  11. Some items, when made without sugar, are not worth eating – Ketchup!
  12. Our food industry puts crap in our food that isn’t necessary! Because of this I stopped paying attention to calorie or fat grams and am now always looking at the ingredient list!
  13. I learned A LOT about how food effects my body – within a week or so of starting the program, if I ate something my body didn’t like, I knew it….immediately!
  14. I overate fruit prior to this program.
  15. Fat is your friend – cooking with bacon grease, avocado oil, ghee…AMAZEBALLS!
  16. Flavor your food with spices…I used more items in my spice cabinet during the 30 days than in the past year! Garlic, salt, oregano, cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, and on and on….
  17. I ate eggs EVERY day…and ALMOST didn’t get sick of them.
  18. You can indeed eat too much of a good thing…don’t ask about the week of cauliflower fried rice, brussel sprouts, mashed cauliflower, roasted broccoli, and egg roll in a bowl. I may have some PTSD from that week.
  19. I lost 14 pounds…14 pounds….and this is after losing NOTHING since I had Sadie in June.
  20. Supportive husbands who do dishes are THE BOMB!
  21. I got to eat mayo, bacon, buffalo wings and still LOSE weight.
  22. I made homemade mayo and ranch dressing (both with raw eggs) and they were delish.
  23. I am addicted to the scale…I broke the rule of not weighing yourself during the program.
  24. Friday nights were HARD – I wanted a beer and pizza. I settled for burgers and steamed veggies. This made me grumpy.
  25. Watching JR eat snacks, candy, or other things I couldn’t have really never bothered me. The results and how I felt made the sacrifice worth it!
  26. I lost 14 pounds – WITHOUT working out…AT ALL!
  27. I actually got sick of guacamole (and whatever chipotle puts in theres that isn’t in plain guac SUCKS…) The night I ordered a compliant meal from Chipotle was a BAD night…
  28. The money I spent at the grocery store increased, but we also didn’t eat out AT ALL for 30 days…pretty sure we ended up saving money.
  29. Learned lots of new recipes that have become part of our regular routine.
  30. I just felt bad ass saying that I completed a whole30! Lots of people who attempt don’t make it through the whole 30 days in their first try. Boom!

So what happened after? Well it started out well…I reintroduced dairy on day 1 – cheese and eventually yogurt and some honey. I even had a donut (cue the grain and sugar reintro) and LOST 3 more pounds in 3 days and then GRAINS happened. Old habits started to creep in – Thin mints, breads, foods I hadn’t had in a while and I felt MISERABLE! By Sunday evening (days 6 off plan) I felt sick. Unfortunately like got super crazy – cue sick baby and crazy schedules for a week and instead of getting back on plan and cooking, I slipped back into convenience foods. I ate crappy food, we didn’t cook, I ate when I wanted instead of when I needed to. I’ve had a lingering headache since. I don’t sleep as well. I’m starting to have aches and pains, bloating is coming back…

The good news? I’ve only gained a few pounds back – and considering the JUNK I’ve eaten, that’s encouraging. I’m NOT ok going back to where I was, So I got my head back on straight and came up with a plan. I have a goal to reach by Easter…so it’s back to primarily whole30 for me. Planning my meals to be full whole30, getting my snacking back in order, no more indulging because I can. I’m giving myself freedom to enjoy a beer or pizza on the weekend but not letting myself throw back to crappy eating. I’m going to really limit the grains but keep some dairy and legumes. If that works then we’ll stick with that. If not, I know I have a good 30 days to do another round after I get back from spring break in april. It’s worth it – for the weight loss, for how I feel, for the things it taught me.

Considering a whole30? DO IT….


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